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Club Tournaments 2017-2023

2023 Club Tournament Finals

Tournament Finals' day was held on 10th September 2023

Iain Stewart is the organiser.

Ladies' singles: Lucy Chadburn BEAT Patricia Pollard 6-4 6-4

Men's Singles: Josh Pollard BEAT Thomas Pollard 6-3 6-2

Ladies' Doubles: Sally Griffiths/Michelle Mason BEAT Rita O'regan/Katarina Sherbourne 5-7 6-2 6-2

Mens' Doubles - Darren Pollard/Jason Pither beat Andre Glucina/Phil Hennessy 7-5 1-6 6-4

Mixed Doubles: Antonio Sierra-Olmo/Lucy Chadburn BEAT John Bell/Woodsy Woods 6-2 6-0

2023 Ann Leegood ladies tournament 

Played on Sunday 2nd July starting at 2pm. Neil Dickson was organiser. 

Lovely afternoon spent watching the wonderful women of Hove Park Tennis Club compete for the Ann Leegood tournament trophy. Congratulations to joint 3rd place Laura and Katarina, 2nd place Penny and really well played the overall winner Dinah.

2023 Jim and Marjorie Denman Mixed tournament 

Played on 15th October, organised by Tony Denman.  The final mixed doubles tournament of the season was completed at 7.00pm - under floodlights for the the first time ever. With all 32 players present, the atmosphere throughout was excellent. The overall standard was as good as previous tournaments and there was a competitive but friendly spirit generally.

The semi finals were keenly contested but Phil Hennessy, Laura Woods, Steve Arnold & Jane Healey all went out at this stage. Steve was particularly unlucky as he tied in games with Martin but went out on countback.

This left Darren Pollard, Martin Patrick, Debs Clarke & Patricia Pollard to compete in the final. Debs eventually won the Women's section of the tournament and Darren was the Men's winner.

2023 Jack Ellis Mens tournament

Not actually played this year.

2022 Club Tournament Finals

Tournament Finals' day was on 11th September 2022. 

Ladies singles - Lucy beat Jo

Mens singles - Josh beat Thomas
Ladies doubles - Patricia & Rita beat Pam & Julie P
Mens doubles - Oliver & Darren beat Martin & Neil L

Mixed doubles - Martin & Philippa beat Darren & Sue S

Well done to Iain for organising and all the umpires and line judges!

2022 Ann Leegood ladies tournament 

Played on June 12th, Neil Dickson was organiser. 

Beautiful weather, lovely people and some cracking tennis. This years well deserved winner was Penny alongside Julia in second and a stunning debut from young Anna Enrech who finished third.

Thanks as always to all those who came to support.

2022 Jim and Marjorie Denman Mixed tournament 

Played on 25th September, organised by Tony Denman. It was so pleasing to see all 40 people turn up on time and the atmosphere throughout the afternoon was particularly good. After 4 hours of intense competition the 4 finalists were Darren Pollard, James Denman, Laura Woods and Julie Parsons with Darren and Julie running out as winners after a keenly fought final. 

2022 Jack Ellis Mens tournament 

Played on 7th August, organised by Oliver.

What a close set of games, and in the sunshine!  Well done to John Thrussell and John Bell for being worthy champions, with Darren Pollard and Peter Keefe just one point behind.

2021 Club Tournament Finals

12th September. 2021

Ladies singles - Helen beat Lucy

Mens singles - Josh beat Thomas
Ladies doubles - Helen & Julie beat Jo & Susy
Mens doubles - Josh & Alan beat Ben & Phil

Mixed doubles - Josh and Pauline won,

William and Sofie runners up.
Well done to Iain and James for organising

and all the umpires and line judges!

2021 Ann Leegood ladies tournament

17th Oct 2021 Sophie Pither won 21 games and was the outright winner. Runner up was Ann Potterton with 20 games and in third place was Deborah Mantuano with 19 games.

2021 Jim and Marjorie Denman Mixed tournament

26th Sep 2021 Martin Patrick played very well to win the final with Steve Arnold as the runner up. The women finalists managed to win the same number of games in the final (and on countback) so Sophie Pither & Patricia Pollard were joint winners. 

2021 Jack Ellis Mens tournament 

14th November 2021 What an exciting Jack Ellis Tournament - latest it has ever been played! Fortunes swung to and fro and early leaders came and went. Everyone won at least one round and the overall result came down to the final point of the last tie-break. Red group winner Darren tied on 19 games with Blue group winner Roland who won all his five rounds. Overall, a fitting end to a great season, and thanks to Oliver and Matt.

2020 Club Tournament

Yes we did have one between lockdowns! – organised by Iain Stewart and Dan Curtis. Club Finals day was on 13th September.

Ladies Singles – Lucy Chadburn beat Jess Pither.

Mens Singles – Josh Pollard beat Thomas Pollard.

Ladies Doubles – Lucy Chadburn/Dinah Rae beat Penny Telford/Katarina Sherbourne.

Mens Doubles – Josh Pollard/Kevin Bromley beat Iain Stewart/Ben Hatch.

Mixed Doubles – Dan Curtis/Rita O'Regan beat John Thrussell/Jess Pither


Unfortunately, we weren’t able to hold the other tournaments in 2020.

2019 Club Tournament

Organised by Iain Stewart and Dave T, Just Click THIS LINK to see the draw and final results. Club Finals day was on 8th September.

Ladies Singles – Jo Davis beat Patricia Pollard

Mens Singles – David Redinha beat Thomas Pollard

Ladies Doubles – Jess Pither/Dinah Rae beat Rita O’Regan/Angie Key

Mens Doubles – Andre Glucina/Antonio Sierra-Olmo beat Neil Dickson/John Thrussell

Mixed Doubles – Simon Sumner/Rita O'Regan beat Andre Glucina/Anja Merkel


2019 Anne Leegood Tournament (Ladies doubles)

Sunday 2nd June 2pm start – organised by Neil Dickson. 16 ladies had an enjoyable afternoon playing tennis on a lovely sunny day. We had three joint winners all with 20 points each. Well played Morna Fox, Rita O’Regan and Jess Pither. Thank you also to those who came to watch and also for providing ‘food’.

2019 Jack Ellis Tournament (Mens Doubles)

Was not able to be arranged this year.

2019 JIM & MARJORIE DENMAN Memorial Tournament (Mixed Doubles)

Jim & Marjorie Denman mixed doubles tournament held on Sunday 20th October.

After all the group matches had been played lasting 4 hours we were left with the group winners Martin, Phil, James Denman and Andre for the men and Patricia, Anya, Rachel & Lucy for the women. In the first semi final James & Rachel advanced to the final, and in the other semi final Phil & Anya moved to the final.

The final proved to be a close, well-contested and exciting affair with all 4 players playing well. In the first championship set James & Rachel beat Martin & Anya 10-9 and in the second set James & Anya beat Martin & Rachel 10-9. This meant that James won the men’s trophy and the women’s trophy was shared between Rachel & Anya who obtained the same number of games in the final.


2018 Club Tournament

Organised by Iain Stewart and Dave T. Club Finals day is on 2nd September.

Ladies Singles – Joannah Davis beat Susy Pettit

Mens Singles  – David Redhina beat Fariss Barakat

Ladies Doubles  – (Last update 2/9/18)Jess Pither/Rachel Lee beat Ann Potterton/Rita O’Regan

Mens Doubles  – Iain Stewart/James Maddox beat Tony Denman/Colin Keeting

Mixed Doubles  – Tony Denman/Hayley White beat Iain Stewart/Ann Potterton


2018 Jack Ellis Tournament (Mens Doubles)

Sunday 7th October 2pm start – organised by Phyllis Hadley. Congratulations to Andrew Prim for winning the Jack Ellis Mean’s tournament on a glorious sunny day that showed off the fantastic new courts well. Thanks to all 14 players for a lovely afternoon’s tennis and to Phyllis for organising.


2018 Anne Leegood Tournament (Ladies doubles)

Sunday 5th August 2pm start – organised by Neil Dickson. 12 ladies gathered in the baking sun for some excellent competitive tennis over 5 rounds. Scores were close with at least 7 in contention at one stage. Well done to Susie Hampson for winning this, just pipping Katarina to it. Many thanks to Neil for organising and all 12 ladies for some really great tennis (despite the heat).

2018 JIM & MARJORIE DENMAN Memorial Tournament (Mixed)

Sunday 21st October 1pm – organised by Tony Denman. The last Hove Park mixed doubles tournament of the year took place in ideal weather conditions. All 24 players arrived without any prompting and the afternoon proved to be very enjoyable throughout with some very even matches being played in a good, friendly but competitive environment. It was good to see so many former members watching – Monica, Shirley, Phyllis, Winnie, Brian & Betty were all present and brought back memories from the past. After some very close games the semi-finalists were Darren, Andy, Neil & James (Maddox) and Rachel, Jo (Whatley), Michelle & Sophia. Andy & Jo managed to get the better of Neil & Sophia whilst Darren & Rachel won through against James & Michelle in quite close matches. The final was very exciting with some good tennis being played and Darren and Jo proved worthy winners.

2017 Club Tournament

Organised by Paul Smith. Club Finals day is on 3th September.

Ladies Singles – Joannah Davis beat Rachel Lee

Mens Singles – Josh Pollard beat Fariss Barakat

Ladies Doubles - Susie Pettit/Jo Whatley beat Pam Martin/Dinah Rae

Mens Doubles  Dan Curtis/Fariss Barakat beat John Bell/Stephen Milonas

Mixed Doubles - Tony Denman/Susie Pettit beat Martin Patrick/Dinah Rae


2017 Jack Ellis Tournament (Mens Doubles)

On Sunday 11th June 2pm start – organised by Phyllis Hadley (moved from 4th).

We have a new name on the trophy which has been played for since 1977 – Congratulations James Maddox. After five rounds of matches James came out on top with 26 points. The runner-up with 25 points was Andy Prim.
There was some impressive tennis played during the afternoon and everybody gave a good account of themselves. Thank you, Phyllis, for organising the event and to the several other members who came along to watch.


2017 Anne Leegood Tournament (Ladies doubles)

On Sunday 30th July 2pm start – organised by Neil Dickson. Another lovely afternoon in the company of the wonderful ladies of Hove Park. The Ann Leegood again produced some very classy tennis with very little between all competitors, so it proved to be a tight affair. Four players finished in a tied 2nd place with 17 points apiece – well done Margy, Claire, Morna and Sue Sinclair. However top of the tree with 20 points each were Angie and Pauline who ended up joint winners – well played to both of you.


2017 JIM & MARJORIE DENMAN Memorial Tournament

On Sunday 17th September 2017 members from various teams met to play in the annual Jim and Marjorie Denman memorial mixed doubles tournament. We started with six rounds of matches in which each player played in four rounds. The successful group winners were Jo Davis, Dinah Rae, Rita O’Regan and Margaret Oldfield from the ladies section and Darren Pollard, Stephen Milonas and Martin Patrick from the mens section. Steve Arnold and Thomas Pollard finished equal on games won but Steve kindly let Thomas go through. After two keenly contested semi-finals Jo Davis, Rita, Stephen and Martin went through to the final to play out two 10 point tie breaks to decide the winners of the tournament. Once again all four finalists played very well but just as in 2015 the winners were Jo Davis and Stephen Milonas.

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